Mind in the Making

Mind in the Making is a website and Facebook page that provide parents and professionals with easy ways to help young children build essential life skills they need to thrive.

Years of research have uncovered what’s at the core of helping your children thrive. Mind in the Making shows what professionals, parents and caregivers can do—starting today—to strengthen the critical executive function skills in children. They aren’t the kinds of skills that children just pick up; these skills can be fostered to help children and the adults in their lives.

Life skills are based on executive functions; they bring together our social, emotional and cognitive capacities to problem solve and achieve goals. Studies have found they are critical to success in school and life. Skill Building Book Tips are free, downloadable resources designed for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and school-age children. They offer tips for building children’s life skills based on classic and diverse children’s books!