Gateways Community Services – Early Supports and Services

Gateways Community Services partners with families to meet the developmental needs of the child for children birth to age 3. For those children found eligible, we offer services that include parent coaching, physical, occupational, speech and developmental therapies.

During what can be an unsettling time for families, the ESS program provides compassionate support, professional guidance, and therapy avenues to parents worried about their child’s development and potential. We offer specialized therapy services providing early intervention during this critical stage of life. The timing and effectiveness of early intervention therapy services can shape the lifetime outcomes for children with delayed motor, sensory, and communication development.

If you wish to begin the process to determine if your child is eligible for ESS, we will arrange for an initial visit by one of the ESS Intake Coordinators to explain the program, gather relevant information for the ESS team, and assist you with signing the necessary releases and consents. The ESS team will then contact you to schedule a developmental evaluation which will provide you a wealth of information regarding your child’s development as well as determine eligibility for further ESS services.