New Hampshire Homeschooling Coalition

Since 1989, the New Hampshire Homeschooling Coalition has welcomed all those interested in homeschooling. NHHC is a volunteer-run 501(c)(3)non-profit organization, and supports all reasons for homeschooling with no ties to any particular method, religion, or philosophy.

With over 5000 homeschooled students in New Hampshire (a number significantly increased recently), the statewide New Hampshire Homeschooling Coalition functions as an important source of information. The Coalition publishes the New Hampshire Home Education Guidebook (a valuable reference guide which includes information about the New Hampshire home education law and rules), comprehensive resource lists, and encouraging essays and articles written by homeschooling parents, and provides a monthly newsletter. District representatives answer questions and direct parents to local homeschooling groups and other homeschooling resources in their area.

The NHHC is organized and run by volunteers. The Board of Representatives is member-selected, with a representative from each region of New Hampshire, and meets quarterly to discuss Coalition business. Please come to a meeting of the Board of Representatives, to see how the group works, and how you can help.