NH DHHS, Partners in Health

The New Hampshire Partners in Health Program helps families of children with a chronic health condition that significantly impacts daily life. Partners in Health’s role is to advocate, access resources, navigate systems and build capacity to manage the chronic health condition of their child.

Partners in Health (PIH) is a statewide community-based program that provides support to families of children with chronic health conditions or young adults themselves, regardless of income. The program also provides community events, education, and resource access. Partners in Health is one of the programs available through Special Medical Services for children and youth with special health care needs and their families.

PIH works directly with families and will assist in finding resources to meet needs as families define and prioritize their concerns and issues. Family Support Coordinators assist families to access appropriate services and resources, arrange for special needs during hospitalization and after discharge, will help with school planning, and attend meetings with you. PIH also provides recreational and respite opportunities, will be your advocate, listen, and respond quickly and meaningfully. Problem-solving around financial concerns or just finding the information you need is an important aspect of the day-to-day work of local coordinators. Partners in Health Family Support Coordinators know the resources in New Hampshire and beyond.