Overcomers Refugee Services

Overcomers’ mission is to empower refugees to become successful, contributing members of NH society.

We are a multi-lingual team of professional case managers and trained volunteers providing culturally-sensitive services that support refugees as they transition into New Americans.

We educate, empower, and engage our clients on their journey toward independence and integration. Our goal is their full and successful participation in our diverse community.

Our staff, themselves once refugees, understand the difficulties that our clients face and how to effectively guide them toward independence and integration.

We assist clients with access to necessary social services by identifying resources, making referrals to partner agencies, helping to fill out forms, interpreting mail, navigating the immigration process, assisting with scheduling appointments and providing transportation.

We encourage language development during office and home visits and also work to engage refugee youth to help build the language skills of their elders, for whom language barriers can lead to feelings of isolation and helplessness.