The Information & Resource Guide for New Hampshire GrandFamilies

The Information and Resource Guide for New Hampshire GrandFamilies is a guide full of great information to empower grandparents along their re-parenting journey. From matters of healthcare, education, childcare, and financial assistance, to legal questions about protecting your rights and the child’s well-being, this guide is the first dedicated to New Hampshire.

Whether it’s due to incarceration, substance misuse, illness, or any number of other reasons, a growing number of parents are not able to take care of their children, and grandparents are stepping in. It’s a beautiful act of family love; it avoids the child having to go into the foster care system, and keeps families together. Information included in the guide:

  • Statistical information
  • Description of types of GrandFamilies
  • A list of financial, child care, health, and nutrition resources for GrandFamilies, including local family support agencies, district offices, and other relevant organizations
  • A list of GrandFamilies support groups

This guide can also be accessed via the main Waypoint website.