Vroom is a global program of the Bezos Family Foundation. They believe all parents have the potential to create a bright future for their children. Vroom provides free, science-based tips and tools help parents and caregivers give children a great start in life today—and an even better future.

A child’s brain grows the fastest from birth through age 5! Babies are born ready to learn. Helping them learn now gets them ready for school, friends, and life. And you have what it takes to help them! The time you spend with your child can help their brain grow strong. Even a few minutes count!

With Vroom, it’s easy to be a brain-builder. Whether you use the Vroom app, Vroom by Text™, Alexa, or even print at home, Vroom Tips can always be there when you need them. 1,000+ Vroom Tips, and the brain science behind them, are right at your fingertips! Vroom Tips™ help you do more with your shared moments. Add learning to mealtime, bathtime, bedtime, or anytime with 1,000+ fun, free activities. Download the Vroom app on the App Store® or Google Play™.

Vroom is a website. The team at Early Learning NH are a resource to provide information and support to professionals who wish to learn about Vroom and how they can integrate this wonderful resource into their work with children and families.

For more information, email Vroom or visit the Vroom website.