West Central Behavioral Health

West Central Behavioral Health’s mission is to promote the health and quality of life of individuals, families and communities by providing treatment for mental illness and substance use disorders, while helping to reduce the stigma associated with these challenging conditions.

  • Adult Services: Comprehensive mental and behavioral health treatment for adults age 18+ and seniors.
  • Child & Family Services: When signs of trouble emerge, seek help. Certain behaviors may indicate that your child is having difficulty, such as anxious, worried or fearful behavior or an inability to concentrate, sit still, or focus attention.
  • Child Impact Program: A court-ordered four-hour course required of all New Hampshire parents of children under age 18 who are in the process of divorce or who are required to have a parenting plan to address custody and financial support.
  • Substance Use Services: Outpatient treatment for individuals coping with substance use disorders, including alcohol, opioid, cannabis, cocaine and amphetamine dependence. Medication Assisted Treatment.
  • Emergency Services: Skilled clinicians at WCBH’s Emergency Services Line provide response 24/7, call 1-800-564-2578.
  • In The Community: West Central Behavioral Health offers services in schools, for veterans and military, in courts and correctional facilities, in nursing homes, and in businesses.

Hours of Operation